What if… companies had to show their cost to customers?

How would things change in the world if businesses had to put the price they paid for a product right next to the price they charge a customer?

Would you, as a customer, feel okay knowing you’re paying two, three, five, or even ten times more than a retailer paid for that product you are considering buying?

I will let you in on a (not very big) secret: you’re doing that right now, today, in a lot of cases, even if (or perhaps especially because) companies are not required to divulge this information.

On a similar note, do you, as a business owner, operator, or employee, feel like you are working with integrity and decency charging two, three, five, or ten times what you paid for a thing? For those that currently do this in excess, does it feel justified to you? At the end of the day do you feel good about the way this works?

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