What if… there was a single World Government that held authority?

Before you cry foul, think about it. We have a much smaller model of this idea in existence today: the United States has a single national government body overseeing the collective affairs of 50 individual states, does it not?

What if we took that proven concept, that fundamental model’s original framework, and expanded it to a single World Governmental Authority that oversees the 200 or so countries we have in the world today?

How would it function?

How would it differ from existing governments today?
What would be our first step toward realizing it?
What challenges would need to be overcome to make it work?

What would be the benefits of such a system?

What do you think?

How does this idea make you feel as you read this and give it some thought?

Afraid? Excited? Interested? Outraged? Motivated? Disillusioned? Inspired? Something else?

I’m curious.

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