All Actions Stem From Our Emotions

Try this: take a look back at your day today, and examine the actions you took, the decisions you made, and the phrases you spoke. Every one of these things had a driving emotion behind them.

Now consider for a moment what your driving emotion for each of your actions might have been. This may be hard to believe, but if you really narrow it down, there are essentially only 2 possibilities: love, or fear. Every emotion that we have as human beings can be attributed to one of these two basic fundamental feelings at their cores.

Take a look at the things you did and said today. Did you get upset with anyone? Frustrated? Were you feeling gloomy? Did you have a great day? Is there something you said that you felt guilty about? What about proud or happy?

Just take a minute to think about it. The more aware, the more conscious we become of how we are feeling when we say or do a thing, the more likely we will be able to improve our interactions with people by being honest. It’s hard to know the nature of a thing if you are not putting in the effort to examine it, even if that thing is something as “familiar” as your own inner thoughts and feelings.

See which things today that you did or said out of fear. Then for tomorrow, think about how you can do or say those same things out of love instead. It doesn’t have to be difficult. This can be as simple as having an honest and open conversation when you normally would have held something back. You might be surprised how good it feels.

For example, this morning, I interrupted someone during our conversation, and rather than listening to what they were about to suggest to me, I offered my own thoughts in place of theirs without hearing them out. As the day wore on, I reflected on this behavior. I realized that while my sharing of my idea was a good thing, it should not have come at the expense of the other person’s, and I should have instead listened first and then offered my view.

To make up for this, I apologized to the person for “cutting them off” earlier, and then asked them what it was they had intended to say, and so they were able to tell me what they had in mind, which is how it should have been the first time around, had I not been in such a rush.

What examples can you find in your own behavior that might have been made out of a fearful emotion? Your intuition will tell you when you have done or said something that doesn’t “sit right” with you. The important thing is to be aware when that happens, and then if you can, remake the choice again out of love instead of fear.

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