Free Food Fridge

An idea came to me earlier today, one that I wanted to share with you. Let us begin by acknowledging the fact that the vast majority of us today waste a ridiculous amount of perfectly good food on an almost daily basis.

The dreaded “leftovers” or as some drastically call them, “survivors”, that, while maybe not spoiled, you “won’t be eating anymore” and so where do they end up? The dog’s food bowl? Or worse, the garbage disposal or waste bin?

Why not have it go to people who would go the night without eating anything at all instead? Make them live up to that name “survivors” by turning these foods into tools for a human being’s survival.

This you can do. It is easiest and makes the most sense for those who live in communities of any sort; be that an apartment complex, a small town, or a large metropolitan city. My idea is a simple one too. I’m sure it’s been done before. Just get an extra refrigerator, and set it up in a community accessible location.

In this community designated refrigerator, encourage those around you to place their “survivors”, the foods that they themselves are no longer going to eat, but which have not yet spoiled, and whoever wishes to come along and partake of the contents of the refrigerator may do so.

Leave a note up on the wall by the fridge, or on the door itself, explaining that these foods are leftovers from the people living nearby, and that they are shared freely with any who would otherwise go hungry.

Even if this system were “gamed” or “taken advantage of” there is almost no way that it could truly be a loss for the people contributing to it, because in your normal course of actions you would have considered the food disposable in the first place. This is literally a case of the old saying “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Have you or your community tried something like this before? Are you doing it successfully today? Let me know your findings and your experiences if you give an idea like this a try.


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