Mango Tea, Ginger Root, and Impressive Pieces of Earth

I was at the grocery store the other day, and I was checking out at the register, putting my modest assortment of items up on the conveyor. Behind me came an older gentleman placing his handful of items up behind mine after the plastic divider.

It is worth noting that I felt at ease around him. None of the all-too-common feelings of “needing my personal space” or similar “bad vibes” that you can sometimes get from people in close proximity, especially in a rather populated and sometimes rushed and stressful environment like a large busy grocery store.

I happened to notice the majority of what he had purchased was a mango flavored tea in tall cans, and he also had a piece of ginger root among all the cans. It was an unusual enough assortment for me to take brief notice of it. “This fellow must love mango flavored tea.” I thought to myself since he had at least a half dozen cans of it.

Getting back to my business of proceeding through the checkout, I went through the motions and as I was paying for my items and fumbling around with the process, the woman who was working there at the register said “I like your necklace.” Now, at the time, I was looking down at the payment screen and I was wearing my rose quartz and turquoise necklace that day, one of my favorites in my fledgling little gemstone collection. I also happened to be wearing my clear gold rutilated quartz and my clear quartz w/black tourmaline bracelets in addition to the necklace. I looked up, wondering if she was talking to me, but she was in fact addressing the man behind me.

Somehow I had “failed to notice” before… maybe I had just not looked closely enough, or maybe it had not been there at first, but this gentleman had around his neck a necklace which was tied with what seemed to be hearty string or rope, and on the end of it was a really large piece of clear quartz, probably about 4 or 5 inches long and 2 inches wide, maybe a bit larger.

I was rather shocked that I had “missed” something so impressive, and complimented him on it as well. He replied to the woman “It keeps me out of trouble.” and I appreciated the depth of the meaning behind those words. While the average person might have taken that to mean he has a passion for rocks/crystals/gemstones, I recognize that there is a deeper meaning to that expression since I know that these pieces of Mother Earth carry an energy about them. A piece of quartz that large is bound to have quite an energy to it and I believe it would do exactly as he says: keep him out of trouble, or more precisely, keep trouble at bay.

As he had fewer items than me, even though he was in line after me, he ended up finishing packing up his items slightly ahead of me. I followed him out, just a dozen steps behind give or take, and when I walked out into the parking lot proper, the man was gone. I cannot prove it, but my intuition suggests this fellow was a friendly visitor to our world (this happens more often than most people think) and it left me impressed and wondering as to the purpose of our brief encounter.

I can only hope that whatever the purpose was of this meeting, that the gentleman who saw fit to visit us in this manner was satisfied with the proceedings. It certainly left an impression on me at the very least.

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