Love or Fear? You Decide

Today, let’s decide whether or not we will be acting out of love or fear. Your thoughts and your actions will be based in one of these two emotions at their core. Which one would you rather be today?

You could walk by that discarded litter that just missed the nearby waste bin during your commute to work, or you could decide to pick it up and put it where it should have gone.

You could decide to wish people you meet a good day and give them a smile, or you could be irritable with them and share only the negative energy of your daily frustrations.

You could honk your horn and yell at the person driving too closely behind you and cutting you off in traffic, or you could simply pull over and let them go by if they are in such a hurry.

You could wear your masks and speak those “socially polite” lies in your interactions with other people, or you can be perfectly honest about your feelings instead without worrying about what people think.

These and a million other possibilities are open for your examination. It’s up to you how you decide to express yourself, and whether you wish to come from a place of love or of fear when you conduct yourself.

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