Ocean Waves Free Audio

Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite ways to help with relaxation. As someone who is easily influenced by the energy of others around me, I often feel as though I have “too much input” from exterior sources. These energies tend to supplant or sometimes even overwhelm my own, and a lot of the time I find I need things that are very calming and relaxing to help me regulate my own energy levels in the face of so much external influence.

One of the ways I do that is by listening to relaxing nature sound files and music of various sorts. Sometimes I will be in the mood for something that has instrumentation, or simple pleasing sounds like wind chimes, but other times even that would be too much and I might just want to experience just the pure sound of nature itself without any musical or tonal accompaniment.

For such times I have a few sound files on hand of ocean waves recordings. One of them is the first one I started out with, and the one I am going to be sharing with you today.

This audio is available as a completely free download on amazon.com, and it is called Sea Waves, Vol. 1 (Ocean Coast) from the Nature Sounds Collection by Ashaneen.

I was impressed enough by this sound file to eventually purchase some of the additional volumes in this same series, but I mostly just wanted to let you know that this free resource is available to you and all you need is an amazon.com account to download it.

I myself still listen to this MP3 file on a fairly regular basis and have still found it to be enjoyable and perfect for the times when I really need something to help myself relax. There is something therapeutic about the rhythmic sounds of ocean waves that is difficult to replicate. If you live by the ocean then of course you won’t be needing this particular one, but for those of us who do not it can be beneficial from time to time to be able to hear waves like this.

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