Make Time for You

Do you like stress? Do you enjoy having that co-worker or your boss giving you grief, that deadline that looms closer and closer while your progress slips further and further behind schedule? That last minute all-nighter you had to pull to make things work out “on time”? What about all that house work that was waiting for you when you got home after your 10 hour shift?

Yeah I didn’t think so.

So why do you keep making excuses over and over, reasons, even justifications, for putting yourself back into these stressful situations time and time again? Have you convinced yourself “you can’t help it” and there is no other way to live your life? Why do you continue to put your own personal needs aside as if they were somehow less important or valid? Do you believe your own happiness is somehow irrelevant compared to that of others?

Stress is a huge detrimental factor to our personal health and well-being. You don’t need to be a doctor or a scientist to observe the ill effects that stress has on a person’s mood, behavior, energy levels, and personal happiness just to name a few.

Instead of continuing to find reasons why you have to immerse yourself in these stressful situations, find reasons to say no to stress and the situations that cause it.

My challenge to you today is to do something that goes beyond the conventional, something that people might think you are “crazy” for doing.

Make time for yourself. Prioritize your own needs, even when that means telling people “no” that expect to hear nothing but “yes” all the time. You can do this. You need to love yourself and treat yourself with respect, and that includes having more downtime for yourself than society wants you to believe is “acceptable”.

And I don’t just mean every once in awhile, we’re talking regularly here. Routinely. Get yourself some relaxation today and every day you are able to.

Get out from under those fluorescent lights at the office and get some actual sunshine. Take a walk with your dog at the park, or sit on a blanket and read a book. Do something that takes you away from the norms that are nothing but stress day after day and create new norms for yourself that are full of quietude and relaxation.

Do whatever those things are that bring you joy in your life, and do them more often, without feeling guilty about it. You do not have to justify yourself. Take more time to nurture your own soul by doing more of what helps you relax and makes you feel happy.


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