Spend time with those you love

Spend time with someone you love today. Appreciate the time you get with them, even if they might feel differently than you do. See a family member that you haven’t in awhile. If you’re in a relationship and plan to spend time with your partner(s), make sure you are mindful of the time you spend together and be grateful for the fact it happens.

Tell the people you can that you love them. If they aren’t comfortable with hearing those words from you, then express yourself in ways that are loving without making your loved one feel uncomfortable. Practice kindness, consideration, patience, openness, and gentleness in your interactions with them. Those are all just different expressions of loving intent.

Even if they don’t reciprocate your feelings or things don’t work out as you might have planned for your time together, don’t worry about the details. Carry thoughts of love for the person anyway, and be grateful that you got to connect and spend time together.


Photo by Crew on Unsplash

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