Focus Your Thoughts Toward Desirable Change

Sometimes it’s something as important as a significant change in your life’s direction or overall circumstance. Other times it’s as simple as wishing the day’s temperature or weather were different.

No matter the scope or breadth of desire, it’s up to you to think it into being.

Henry Ford was once quoted as saying: “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” and this quote alludes to the power of positive thinking that lies within all of us.

Our minds are a tool to help shape the world around us, and we do this through the filter we call our thoughts.

If our thoughts are bleak, driven by fear and disharmony, selfishness or greed, without regard for ourselves, others, or the world around us, then the circumstances we face within our life will represent this. The world will seem dim, cruel, unfair, and we will suffer and suffocate within a miasma of our own misconceptions and delusions.

If, on the other hand, we try our best to keep thoughts of goodness, positivity, gratitude, compassion, and happiness in our minds, then our world will better reflect these ideas, even when a challenging circumstance comes into our path.

It takes all of us, collectively directing our thoughts and working together in harmony, for positive changes to come about on a larger scale. Instead of convincing yourself that a situation is hopeless beyond redemption or improvement, try to imagine the ways you wish your circumstance could be better. Imagine changes that would make you happy, and just keep thinking about those ideals.

Search for things, not to be upset about in a situation, but rather thankful for. Let your glass not be half full nor half empty, but rather imagine it overflowing. Even if your situation today doesn’t end up working out like you originally had envisioned, don’t get too caught up in the destination that you forget to appreciate the journey. Keep positive thoughts at the forefront, and they will change your tomorrows for the better.


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