Self Care E-book Humble Bundle: PWYW, donate to charity for great e-books!

Today the Humble Bundle website has released a new e-book bundle using their famous pay-what-you-want approach for a variety of inspirational self care books.

With Humble Bundles, you Pay What You Want (PWYW) for a selection of great books, and at the same time you donate to a good cause. This particular “Treat Yourself” bundle features some interesting self care topics such as crystal healing, essential oils, diet and exercise, and many others.

You can see the books on offer on their page here:

When purchasing Humble Bundles, e-books will be delivered to your email via a link, and are featured in a variety of formats including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. This allows your purchases to work for your devices such as Android, iOS, Nook, Kindle, or of course computer use as well, and any other device that is able to handle these book formats.

I do not work for Humble Bundle or receive any benefits whatsoever from any of its affiliates. I am just another customer and fan of their offerings and what they do for everyone across the world by partnering with various charitable organizations, and this Humble e-book Bundle in particular caught my interest so I wanted to share with you.

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