Death? Preposterous! Reveal

Have you ever wondered what happens when we die? What if we have it all wrong? What if there is no death, but only more life? What if there is no hell, only a heaven, even for those who did questionable or cruel deeds during their life?

These are some of the questions and ideas that I was determined to create and explore in game form. My game currently in development Death? Preposterous! takes a look at these sorts of ideas from a story and also a gameplay perspective.

I’ll be posting updates here periodically throughout the remainder of development, so you can follow along with progress updates by subscribing to my blog on this site or following me on Twitter or my Facebook page.

For now, click on through to the Death? Preposterous! page on my site for more info about the game including additional development screenshots, and a bit more on my vision for the title, aspirations, and a loose estimate for a release timeframe.

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