Some Recent Changes

My last post here was back in the spring. There have been a few changes in plans since then, and I thought I would communicate them to anyone who still winds up landing here, to help mitigate potential confusion for the future.

First of all, I closed my Patreon page a month or two ago due to no traction ever being built up there. I don’t think I ever got a single follower let alone any actual patrons, zero comments posted from users on any of my posts, etc. so I decided to stop using that service as a creator. I think there are a few good reasons why it wasn’t working out for me, but I won’t get into all that right now as it’s irrelevant.

Secondly, I took my game off of the Gamejolt website, for similar reasons, and decided instead to just focus on having it on exclusively for the time being. It is still pay-what-you-want, including getting it without paying anything if you so choose, and I don’t plan to change that.

If you like what I’ve created and wish to donate a little money to show your appreciation, you have the option to do so on the store page for my game, or on the ko-fi and links you’ll find on the top and side menus on this website.

Thirdly, even if/when the domain goes offline, you should still be able to access this blog via the free wordpress address at though as before, my plans remain unchanged regarding shifting my focus away from this blog in general, since almost nobody visits this page to read anything I post here anyway.

Additionally, it is also worth noting that I no longer have an active presence on social media sites either for quite some time now, so looking for me on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit is probably not going to be very fruitful.

Finally, at the moment and looking toward the future, I do plan to be a bit more active on my Youtube channel, though I don’t know when or for how long I will be adding content there. My current thoughts are that I would like to at least add a video walkthrough of my game for those interested, and to help give it a little more exposure. Beyond that, I am undecided.

I do still check things out over on my game’s page also, so you can leave comments there about what you thought of “Death? Preposterous!” and I’ll be able to see them that way as well.

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