To Human It May Concern

To Human It May Concern - Book Cover (small)

To Human It May Concern

50 Tips and Quips on Happiness and Health

Sometimes life’s complex problems can have surprisingly simple solutions.

In my book To Human It May Concern: 50 Tips and Quips on Happiness and Health you’ll discover many concepts that can help you live a healthier, happier and more rewarding life.

From personal health and well-being, to relationships, anger management, and tackling your greatest fears, you’ll find many practical thoughts and ideas that are easy to implement in your own life every day.

Here are a few examples of the easy-to-implement ideas that you’ll find in the book:


If you’re having a bad day, rather than brooding and letting it get you down, try a change of pace. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, take some time for yourself and do something that brings you joy.


If you’re looking for something simple you can change about your life for the better right now today, try drinking more water. We’re almost three quarters composed of the stuff. It’s what our bodies really want when we are thirsty, and even when we aren’t.

We tend to forget (or ignore) that caffeine is a drug, and an addictive one at that. Do your body a favor and drink less coffee and fewer caffeinated drinks. When the taste of water isn’t enough and you want flavors, try herbal teas (caffeine free) or 100% juice instead. If you want carbonation, try natural sparkling mineral water. It comes in many flavors, and you can even mix it with juice for a refreshing carbonated juice drink (kids love it too as a soda replacement.)

You’ll probably save some money compared to your usual caffeinated beverage buying habits, but even if not, more importantly your body will thank you for making the healthier choice in the long run.


Pets are excellent teachers to remind us about unconditional love. This is particularly true for dogs, but cats too (when “people time” fits into their busy feline schedule at least.)

Take time out of your day to really love and appreciate the animals in your life, and give them their due care and attention. If you don’t have pets of your own to love, try going to your local dog park or appreciating a friend’s pets at their place when you visit.


Your thoughts, words, and actions all carry a great power. All of this starts with your mind, your attitude towards life.

If you think you are miserable, say you are miserable, and act as though you were suffering a state of misery, then the universe will respond according to your thoughts and behavior. You will feel miserable, you will think everything about your life is irredeemable, insufferable. You will be living a state of misery because it is what you have directed the world to have you experience.

Did you know you have that power? Because you do. You create your world.

If you find yourself ever feeling trapped in this sort of negative loop, the best thing you can do is turn your brain off, quiet your mind, stop it from running in this endless cycle of fear it is stuck within. Ask your inner self how to be free from your negativity. Ask the world to show you, as many times as it takes until it changes. Speak a positive affirmation aloud such as: “I am at peace”, or “I am not afraid.” Trust your instincts on what is best for your well being and happiness. You will know the best way to make that happen for you personally.

When you have managed to quiet your mind somewhat, start changing your attitude. Think, say, and act out of love instead of fear. You are happy. You are fulfilled. You are content. You are loved. Start thinking positively, saying positive things, acting out the joy that your life truly is. Keep doing this until your low mood vanishes. Keep doing this until you change your world.

These are just a handful of the many tips that can be found within the book. My hope is that readers of To Human It May Concern will be able to find something within its pages that really resonates with them, and that something is able to improve their lives for the better.

To Human It May Concern: 50 Tips and Quips on Happiness and Health is available on amazon in e-book format.

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