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Sunsetting and migrating over to Patreon

This was a tough decision for me to make, but it came time for website renewal again, and with my finances in dire enough straits that the renewal fees are not realistic for me to be able to afford anymore on top of my bills, it gave me an opportunity to consider my options going forward.

I could possibly keep going with a free wordpress website address, website ads (which I strongly dislike the idea of having to have) and minimal features at

But honestly with me posting updates so infrequently in general, sometimes going months at a time without much to say to the world at large, and only 10 followers here on my site anyway despite multiple years of having it running, combined with the fact that my Patreon posts are freely accessible to anyone, it seemed pretty redundant to be running both that and this.

So where can you find me from here? Well…

First off, if you’re a family member or close friend reading this, you don’t have to resort to the below methods to talk to me of course. That should go without saying, but just in case it doesn’t, I wanted to make it obvious. In fact, I’d prefer if you didn’t use these, because ideally I’d like to keep them more focused on activities related to my career interests within reason. Send me an email or a text, call me or text/voice chat with me online, or if you’re local enough come say hi in person instead.

With that out of the way, you can still find me at for starters. It’s free and everyone can view what I post there, you don’t even need an account for that. You’ll probably need one to send messages or follow my posts via email notifications though, but signing up for a Patreon account is also free so there’s no financial obligation or anything. If you don’t want to make an account you can always just bookmark that page and visit it again at your leisure to see what I’m up to as well.

I’m also checking on the store pages for my game Death? Preposterous! that released over on and Gamejolt if you have things related to the game to talk about.

I’ve (re)opened a new Twitter account using the old username I had before as well, though I don’t know how much I’ll be using it going forward since I don’t care too much for the character limits and other quirks, and social media in general ends up being a really unnecessary timesink for me if I’m not careful. However, technically you can find me there again at: though it’s not really a personal account and more of a career activities oriented thing.

And I’ve been pretty active over on Reddit the past few weeks too. though I do tend to keep the things I talk about on there related to gaming, indie dev stuff, information about my own game, or writing related topics… in other words the activities I tend to be engaged in for my career interests rather than a personal account where I might post whatever strikes my fancy and interact with my friends and family.

Anyway you get the idea. I’ll still be around at the links above and maybe a few other places too.

As far as when this website will go offline exactly… I’m not certain. It could be as early as this Saturday, the 20th, or as late as the end of May, but I think that will be the latest point.

Thanks to everyone who supported me along the way these past 2+ years, and I hope to see those of you who are still interested in following along with what I’m up to with my career over on my free Patreon blog.