Death? Preposterous!


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Death? Preposterous! is the title of my game currently in development. I am creating it in the RPG Maker MV engine.

I am going to be releasing the game on primarily, which is a popular storefront for indie video games, and I plan to have a minimum price of $4.99 for the game on a pay-what-you-want pricing setup.

I also plan to have a free demo of the game available as well, but my priority is finishing the full game and getting it out to the world, so the demo might not be ready by the time the game arrives. The timing of the game release and the free demo are both still to be determined.

When I first created this info page for the game back in 2017, my original plan was to have the game be out by early 2018. However in practice, that proved to be a very naive and short-sighted estimate for a single person RPG project. After over a year of working on this game, my current goal however is to have it out by this Winter 2018/2019 and I believe it is an attainable one, as the game is most of the way completed as of Fall 2018.

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What happens when we die?
Is death really as it seems?
What if we had the wrong idea?
What if death wasn’t death at all?

These are the kinds of musings that started my ideas for this particular game’s story, and they are concepts that I wanted to explore in the game’s content as well. These ideas about looking at death differently even became fundamental mechanics of the game as my work progressed.

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Despite the fact that the game itself is fairly short to play through at perhaps 3 or 4 hours, for those who desire to experience all the game has to offer, there are multiple characters you can play as, and each one has their own unique story and ending sequence.

What the player chooses to do as they play through the game will alter the outcome of the story and events they can experience.

While the main protagonist is male, and many players will likely play through the whole game just as him, there are a variety of different characters to choose from, both male and female ones. Some have darker skin tones, and some have uncommon physical features (pink hair, red eyes, etc.) You might find a number of other surprises in store as far as character traits, features, or preferences too that I won’t spoil for you here.

I wasn’t exactly setting out to be all-inclusive in this regard, but you do have more options available to you in the story than it might seem like at first glance in Death? Preposterous!, so I hope you enjoy all the game has to offer.

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One other thing I would like to stress here is that, even with the heavier topics like death being central to the story and the gameplay, I am absolutely aiming for this game to also be all-ages friendly. Reading comprehension of the English language is required to fully enjoy the experience. Of course, try the game first for yourself to decide if it is suitable for your children to play, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised compared to the majority of other games out there, especially in the RPG genre.

Death? Preposterous! was designed with non-violence in mind.

The interactions with other characters in the game tend to favor kindness and consideration towards others. There are “encounters” with creatures rather than “battles” in this game, and there aren’t any weapons or “fights” to speak of, but rather things are done differently in a more puzzle-like fashion.

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Your goal in the game is to observe and interact with the things and people around you, and in that way you will discover more about them and be able to make progress. While there are ways for the player to die in the game (it wouldn’t be fun without some challenge to the player) this also plays into the mechanic of the game that explores the concept of death in general and takes a look at things in a different way than usual.

While I am no comedian, I think you’ll find plenty of humor and lightheartedness throughout the dialog in the game, especially in the creature encounters and curiosity descriptions. I had fun writing these parts especially, and tried to keep playfulness in mind, even in some of the more serious parts.

It is my belief that games should be fun, first and foremost.

I will likely update this page once again after the game releases. Until then I hope you enjoy the preview. Feel free to follow my blog, or on social media for the latest updates and work-in-progress.

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