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Unpopular Opinion #5

Take the over half-a-trillion dollars the U.S. spends every year on its military budget, weapons R&D budgets, any major funding that is tied to war efforts, “defense”, fighting, etc. and instead use that money towards providing EVERYONE in the country (regardless of their financial standing) with free basic living necessities like food, water, electricity, shelter, medical expenses, and other quality of life implements.
Should the cost exceed the 500+ billion dollar yearly expenditures from said budget (it probably would for the first few years at least, covering initial startup costs such as building housing, etc.), hit up the collective 1% , or even the top 5-10%, wealthiest in the country to help foot the rest of the bill.
All those who contribute financially from their own funds, get their names published globally with recognition of their contribution amounts, and we make these contributors into our new celebrities in society.

Unpopular Opinion #4

Dear society at large (especially entertainment/media): If you’re going to censor (read: control) anything, try cutting out violence, pain, fear, and trauma from the experience, instead of nudity, sex, or any other such positive expression of natural human beauty and love.

Life’s Little Changing Choices

       Recently I had two days of very contrasting states of mind. It reminded me of a concept I am trying to learn and better about myself regarding my attitudes and judgments towards other people. More specifically, the goal is to not be judgmental at all, or when I do catch myself having such thoughts and feelings, discarding them quickly rather than holding fast to their negativity.
       On the first day I had woken up much earlier than usual, feeling a bit unwell. Just the drastic change in my sleep cycle alone would have been enough but on top of that, not feeling well put me in a strange mood. I was productive at unusual hours of the morning, and decided eventually that I had become tired enough to try to get some more sleep. This I did, but was startled awake a few hours later by a loud noise from the neighbors doing some work outdoors with tools.
       Having felt a bit better after this extra bit of sleep, despite the startling second awakening, I figured the rest of the day was going to go without much incident now that I had gotten enough hours of sleep.
       Instead, it ended up that I had an argument with a friend, that I had been saying judgmental thoughts in regard to their situation, and in general just being oblivious to how I was making them feel until they finally had to say something about it to me.
       We patched things up pretty easily with clear communication of each others feelings and where I had made my mistake, but even after that had smoothed over, I was still feeling a bit out of sorts. That slightly ill feeling from earlier had returned after the brief argument, and in general I could tell that my mood was still not right. I had felt the backlash of the stress that I was causing my friend, and at the same time I felt the guilt that is carried along with realizing one has been unwittingly repeating a mistake that results in contrasting feelings compared to one’s intentions.
       My solution to this dilemma was to simply distance myself a bit. I knew I felt out of sorts, and it might have been for a variety of reasons, perhaps even unrelated to my weird sleep schedule that day, but I knew from experience that if I didn’t take a step back and have a little time to myself, that I was going to be in a wrong mood for any kind of interactions.
       So here I made a choice to just withdraw myself a bit and busy myself with things that did not include social interaction.
       Everyone has days like this where maybe they make mistakes, or say something they don’t really mean, or even take out their frustrations on innocent passers-by when they don’t even have anything to do with what’s eating away at you. I used to really be incredibly critical of myself after the fact for days like this. As I begin to understand a little better that life is indeed going to have times of both what we perceive to be positives and negatives, I also begin to understand that fixating on the “bad things” only keeps them around longer.
       For me, I have found that it is much better to simply address the negative moods and feelings as they come up, have honest and clear communication regarding them, including how I am feeling and what I was or was not understanding or realizing, and then simply letting that settle the issue, moving on to the next thing.
       Fast forward a bit to today, and I find myself coming from a much better place mentally than the other day. I am not short with people, I am not stuck in only a single-minded judgmental viewpoint, and I am endeavoring to keep the small things small, rather than make them out to be bigger things than they are. In other words I am acting and thinking much more in line with my behavioral ideals that I see in myself.
       Could it be because I got better sleep? Because I felt well instead of slightly ill? Those might have had something to do with it, but the important thing for me to grasp was that I was choosing better choices. Choosing to carry better thoughts about a situation. Choosing to be accepting of differences and to not turn a small thing into a big thing in my imagination. Choosing to be more flexible in my thought of a thing rather than rigid and insistent on my way being the only way.
       Every day we find ourselves with these kinds of little choices in life. Some days we may have a harder time making the more compassionate and kind choices because maybe we’re not feeling that great, as was the case for me the prior day. I was not feeling well and that discord manifested itself through my thoughts, words, and actions.
       When we come from a place in our hearts and minds that is more inline with the ideal way we see ourselves however, it’s easy to look at those same choices and choose something higher than what we would have gone with during the times of upset and ill ease.
       It is in being able to gracefully handle the days when we are feeling low that we must endeavor, and humbly approach the days when we are feeling well, that we may acknowledge the ways of others as equally valid choices for how to live our collective lives on this planet, and try our best not to judge someone just because they do things differently than we have been introduced or grown accustomed to in our own experience.
       Photo by Denise Chan on Unsplash

Focus Your Thoughts Toward Desirable Change

Sometimes it’s something as important as a significant change in your life’s direction or overall circumstance. Other times it’s as simple as wishing the day’s temperature or weather were different.

No matter the scope or breadth of desire, it’s up to you to think it into being.

Henry Ford was once quoted as saying: “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” and this quote alludes to the power of positive thinking that lies within all of us.

Our minds are a tool to help shape the world around us, and we do this through the filter we call our thoughts.

If our thoughts are bleak, driven by fear and disharmony, selfishness or greed, without regard for ourselves, others, or the world around us, then the circumstances we face within our life will represent this. The world will seem dim, cruel, unfair, and we will suffer and suffocate within a miasma of our own misconceptions and delusions.

If, on the other hand, we try our best to keep thoughts of goodness, positivity, gratitude, compassion, and happiness in our minds, then our world will better reflect these ideas, even when a challenging circumstance comes into our path.

It takes all of us, collectively directing our thoughts and working together in harmony, for positive changes to come about on a larger scale. Instead of convincing yourself that a situation is hopeless beyond redemption or improvement, try to imagine the ways you wish your circumstance could be better. Imagine changes that would make you happy, and just keep thinking about those ideals.

Search for things, not to be upset about in a situation, but rather thankful for. Let your glass not be half full nor half empty, but rather imagine it overflowing. Even if your situation today doesn’t end up working out like you originally had envisioned, don’t get too caught up in the destination that you forget to appreciate the journey. Keep positive thoughts at the forefront, and they will change your tomorrows for the better.


Love or Fear? You Decide

Today, let’s decide whether or not we will be acting out of love or fear. Your thoughts and your actions will be based in one of these two emotions at their core. Which one would you rather be today?

You could walk by that discarded litter that just missed the nearby waste bin during your commute to work, or you could decide to pick it up and put it where it should have gone.

You could decide to wish people you meet a good day and give them a smile, or you could be irritable with them and share only the negative energy of your daily frustrations.

You could honk your horn and yell at the person driving too closely behind you and cutting you off in traffic, or you could simply pull over and let them go by if they are in such a hurry.

You could wear your masks and speak those “socially polite” lies in your interactions with other people, or you can be perfectly honest about your feelings instead without worrying about what people think.

These and a million other possibilities are open for your examination. It’s up to you how you decide to express yourself, and whether you wish to come from a place of love or of fear when you conduct yourself.

Be Compassionate Today

It’s easy to find things in our day to day lives that we don’t like. Things that are irritating. Things that are scary, and things that bother us sometimes for reasons unknown.

It’s equally easy to get caught up in those feelings of frustration or despair when the events seem to come charging at you in droves.

But let’s just set all those aside for a moment. Yes there will be absurdities that come along. It’s okay to give them their proper consideration too. Try not to get drug along by their negativity though.

When the day gets overwhelming and the frustrations are mounting, take a breather in a quiet place and start thinking about the people in and aspects of your life you are thankful for. Remind yourself that you have a lot to be appreciative of, and that it’s really not as bad as all the drama would like you to believe.

Maybe not everything is going your way today, but on the other side of the same coin, not everything is not going your way either. You may feel like the world is against you, but if you stop focusing on the negativity and think about what you do have, what you are blessed with, you can create a greater sense of peace of mind for yourself.

And if you really aren’t seeing anything in yourself then try exercising compassion towards another. Do nice things for other people, for no reason at all. Not because you were asked to, but just out of the kindness of your heart. Your compassionate gestures will help make another person’s day better and your mood will improve right along with it.

Free Food Fridge

An idea came to me earlier today, one that I wanted to share with you. Let us begin by acknowledging the fact that the vast majority of us today waste a ridiculous amount of perfectly good food on an almost daily basis.

The dreaded “leftovers” or as some drastically call them, “survivors”, that, while maybe not spoiled, you “won’t be eating anymore” and so where do they end up? The dog’s food bowl? Or worse, the garbage disposal or waste bin?

Why not have it go to people who would go the night without eating anything at all instead? Make them live up to that name “survivors” by turning these foods into tools for a human being’s survival.

This you can do. It is easiest and makes the most sense for those who live in communities of any sort; be that an apartment complex, a small town, or a large metropolitan city. My idea is a simple one too. I’m sure it’s been done before. Just get an extra refrigerator, and set it up in a community accessible location.

In this community designated refrigerator, encourage those around you to place their “survivors”, the foods that they themselves are no longer going to eat, but which have not yet spoiled, and whoever wishes to come along and partake of the contents of the refrigerator may do so.

Leave a note up on the wall by the fridge, or on the door itself, explaining that these foods are leftovers from the people living nearby, and that they are shared freely with any who would otherwise go hungry.

Even if this system were “gamed” or “taken advantage of” there is almost no way that it could truly be a loss for the people contributing to it, because in your normal course of actions you would have considered the food disposable in the first place. This is literally a case of the old saying “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Have you or your community tried something like this before? Are you doing it successfully today? Let me know your findings and your experiences if you give an idea like this a try.